Innovation and sustainability



- Biologic devulcanization through the use of patented bacteria to break Sulfur links in tires bio-devulcanization. Unique system world wide that allows the transformation of tires into rubber featuring a low level of required energy. Prices below 50% of the cost of the brand new rubber.

- Tire recycling materials: enabling design and building of children parks and public spaces.



- Algae cultivation, hydroponics and Aquaponics with plasma illumination systems.

- Data collection, management (Big Data) and transmission (even satellite duplex link) for remote plants condition, watering and control assessment.


- Hydrophobe and antifreeze products for various applications.

- Hydrophobe products with electricity conductor capabilities for circuit and electrical materials' protection



- Electric storage with Redox Vanadium batteries (50 units working world wide in the last decade), with an electrolyte life expectancy of 20 years ( it gets rebuilt and the battery keeps working for the same period, with a very low maintenance cost) nontoxic components, no fire risk, no output capacity loss, from 100Kw up to 1,6Mw, only 2% annual charge loss on offline mode, direct accumulation with any renewable source. Remote control even by satellite.

- Wide use range in self-supply and eolic energy savings: Startup-service-transformation of reactive into active energy.

- 10Kw vertical turbines based on Darrieus principle, under 35Db, 14 meters height, ideal for urban environments.



- Water atmosphere water extraction machines with renewable energy (solar/eolic). From 80 liters/hour on a 50% humidity 25 centigrades. Ideal for coast-desertic-remote areas ( successfully launched in Qatar). Remote control even by satellite.

- Usage approval granted by the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Consumer Goods.